JMA Placement, Inc: Here for You.
Aug, 23 2017

To introduce ourselves, JMA Placement, Inc. is a staffing agency that is focused on developing strategic partnerships with your business and the community. Our team is experienced and ready to help businesses and individuals achieve maximum potential by connecting each other through career opportunities.

That’s why we’re so excited to premiere our new site, literally bringing the jobs in your area right to your fingertips. The site speaks for itself when you first enter. A front-page job-title and location search-bar takes the hassle out of trying to find available opportunities in your area.

With over 30 years of experience connecting the community to potential employers and 11 locations ranging from Georgia to Tennessee, our team takes pride in this new interface that will make it even easier for users to search, apply for and obtain jobs.

John Allan of JMA Placement said, “We work hard and take pride in finding jobs for all qualified people in our communities, and we offer our clients the best possible candidates to make their businesses successful.”

Whether you’re applying for temporary jobs or looking for a long-lasting career, we’re dedicated to make the job-hunt that much easier.

As a whole, we depend on the community as much as the community depends on us, and we are passionate about properly matching our clients with the very best potential employees.

Start your journey with JMA Placement today!


The Team at JMA Placement, Inc.