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Lift Truck Operator Cartersville, Georgia

    A Lift Truck Operator is an individual who moves stock around a warehouse using a forklift or other types of loading devices. Their main duties include operating forklifts, and other devices, loading and unloading equipment, and storing or relocating materials within the warehouse or factory.

    Perform pre- Load, unload, pack, and unpack materials.
    Label and sort incoming and outgoing shipments.
    Relocate items within the warehouse or factory.
    Operate a forklift, winch, or other machinery used for transporting or shipping materials.
    Track inventory of incoming and outgoing items.
    operational safety checks and complete a vehicle inspection report before operating equipment.
    Recharge the lift truck battery or replace/refuel the gas tank.
    Unload goods from storage areas, bin locations, or trailers.
    Understand and follow instructions given by the onboard RF unit. Correctly operate the hand-held scanning device.
    Must be receptive to all training related to the lift truck operator position or any cross training deemed necessary by supervision.
    Any other tasks assigned by management.
    High school diploma or GED equivalency required.
    Reads and writes in standard English and proficient in performing basic math calculations such as addition and subtraction.
    Successful completion of all required on-the-job training.
    Successful completion of all required health and environmental safety training.
    Ability to lift 80 pounds frequently during shift.
    Prior experience as Lift Truck Operator preferred.

    Pay Range: 19.00 | Shifts: Third Shift | Hours: 7p-7a

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Material Handler Cartersville, Georgia

    Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
    Strictly comply with the safety rules
    Follow the SOP procedures on how to supply raw materials to production operation
    Follow the SOP procedures on how to transport WIP product throughout the manufacturing process
    Attend and participate in daily pre shift meetings
    Practice 5s throughout the building
    Communicate with your Supervisor / lead of any lost or damaged raw materials 
    Keep track of daily performance and submit it to your Supervisor / Lead
    Responsible for the cleanliness in your work area and the equipment you use daily 
    Pulling, packing, and loading
    Good written and verbal communication skills
    Strong sense of time organization and urgency
    Able to work independently and within a team
    Lifting up to 50 lbs
    Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:
    High school diploma, GED, or equivalent
    3+ years of logistics, retail, or customer service experience
    Familiarity with Radio Frequency (RF) equipment is preferred
    Experience with fork lifts but not limited to all other types of material handling lift trucks 
    Ability to lift up to 50 pounds, as many packages are large
    Experience working in a fast-paced environment while maintaining attention to detail
    Ability to maintain a high level of physicality for prolonged periods and working primarily standing

    Pay Range: 19.00 | Shifts: Third Shift | Hours: 7p-7a

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Extrusion Operator Cartersville, Georgia

    Job Description:  
    The extrusion operator is responsible for shift wise operation of the extrusion machine reporting to shift leader to organize the daily activities on the extrusion machine and is responsible for production results and optimum operation of the extrusion process. The operator checks the quality of the product and adjusts the settings as needed. 

    Major Function and Scope:
    Assist on starting up and shutting down of the line.
    Adjust setting if needed in communication with shift leader and within process specification.
    Monitors quality.
    Performs time sensitive quality checks.
    Ensure the extrusion line has correct raw materials.
    Accounts in system the produced products.
    Responsible for order and cleanliness.
    Follow safety guidelines.

    Organization Alignment:
    The Extrusion Operator will direct report to the corresponding Workshop#1 Supervisor.

    Knowledge, Experience, and Competencies:
    High school diploma or GED.
    Must be responsible and accountable.
    Is a good communicator.
    Is a team player.

    All team members must be flexible and willing to undertake a wide range of activities during daily business, including some which may not normally be part of the job description for an equivalent position elsewhere. It is therefore a requirement that the individual filling this position has an aptitude to learn new skills, to think for him/herself, and be able to work in an environment where fixed routines may not be established.

    Physical Requirements/Work Environment:
    Must be able to lift to 50 lbs.
    Standing, Walking, Bending required most of the shift.
    Ability to work in a non-climate-controlled environment.
    Previous extrusion experience required.
    Must be able to pass background check.

    Pay Range: 24.00 | Shifts: All Shifts | Hours: 7p-7a

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Profiling Operator Cartersville, Georgia

    - Tends machines that cut tongue  and groove on the side of flooring planks. 

    - Reads routing and performs work as assigned by department supervisor

    - Track production on schedule boards

    - notify supervisor of any mechanical or material issues

    - Maints work area and equipment in a clean orderly condition and follows prescribed safety regulations.

    - must be familiar with the basic machine functions n order to perform the task stated above.

    - Must know and monitor execution of the quality management system policy and procedures,

    -Inspect quality of incoming raw materials, boxes, packaging and labels.

    -Assist in changeovers

    -Use hoist/crane when necessary, for changeovers. 


    Pay Range: 25.00 | Shifts: All Shifts | Hours: 7p-7a


    Must have 2 years experience, 

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Quality Technician Cartersville, Georgia

    Performs quality control checks on company products to ensure hey meet required safety and quality standards.

    - Developing and maintaining compnay inspection reports

    - inspecting good or products according to quality safety standards

    - ensuring test equipment is caibrated and working correctly

    Pay Range: 21.00 | Shifts: Third Shift | Hours: 7pm-7am


    Highschool diploma or GED 

    Experience as an inspection or quality technician

    understanding of advanced mathematical concepts

    High Level of visual awareness

    Advanced organizational skills

    Experience drafting reports and collating data

    Ability to work alone with minmal supervision

    Ability to analyze and interpret technical information

    ability to stand for long periods.


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5 Associates needed - Light Lifting - McDonough $13.00-$15.00 McDonough, Georgia

    Five associates needed immediate hire for damage/restoration company.

    Job consists of cleaning water and fire damage.

    Must have CLEAN background and pass a drug screen.

    Will provide training.

    Pay Range: 13.00 | Shifts: First Shift | Hours: 8am-5pm Monday thru Friday

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ORDER PROCESSOR - McDonough $13.50 McDonough, Georgia


    Pay Range: 13.50 | Shifts: Second Shift | Hours: 4:30PM TO 1:30AM

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    Pay Range: 15.45 | Shifts: First Shift | Hours: MON-SAT

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Packers/Pounders- Conyers Conyers, Georgia


    6am-430pm  Monday-Thursday  $11-12 

    Packing and pounding pillows

    5pm-3am Monday-Thursday $11-12

    Packing and Pounding pillows 

    Pay Range: 11.00 - 12.00 | Shifts: First Shift


    MUST be willing to work

    MUST follow all company requirements



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