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Available Jobs (9)

Quality Assurance PositionEatonton, Georgia

    • Responsable for monitoring egg quality
    • Monitors the carton stamps, case labels, and egg stamps for accuracy
    • Performs task as requested by the processing and production supervisors
    • Maintain a close working relation with the USDA Grader in mointoring egg quality and finding a solution to quality concerns
    • Assist compliance manager with training and other jobs as needed
    • Responsible for inventory program, counting inventory, data entry and troubleshooting variances

    Pay Range: $12-$14/ hour | Shifts: First Shift | Hours: 5AM - 2PM Off Days Fri, Sat


    • Quality Control Experience
    • Must have very good Microsoft excel skills and attention to details

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PackerEatonton, Georgia

    • Packing bottles into a box
    • Packing boxes onto a pallet
    • Checking quality of bottle
    • Prepare items for shipment
    • Must be able to work on several lines when needed

    Pay Range: 10.00 | Shifts: All Shifts


    • Must be a team player
    • Must wear steel toe boots
    • Must be able to stand for entire shift
    • Must be able to work on multiply lines depending on need
    • Must be able to work at a fast pace

    ***AVAIL SHIFTS 1ST, And 2nd Shift**********

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Cherry PickerEatonton, Georgia

    • Pull products based on customer orders
    • Operator must be able to operate, set-up and maintain the lift
    • Receiving and storing all products safely and accurately within the warehouse
    • Sort and places materials or items on racks, shelves, or in bins

    Pay Range: 14 | Shifts: Third Shift | Hours: 3:30-Midnight


    • Warehouse Experience
    • Forklift Experience
    • Cherry Picker Experience
    • Must be team player
    • Must be able to work 3:30-Midnight
    • Must have clean background
    • Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs

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Bakery Production WorkerEatonton, Georgia

    • Applicant must be physically capable of repetitive movement
    • Must be capable of reaching, bending, stooping, climbing, pushing,and pulling as required in production operation.
    • Ability to lift up to 50 lb bags, boxes of ingredients and packaging,
    • Must be available to work weekends

    Pay Range: $11.00 | Shifts: First and Second Shift | Hours: 8am- 8pm


    • Females can not have artifical Nails
    • Males MUST shave daily
    • Must be able to work as a team
    • Must be able to follow direction
    • Must be able to travel to ATHENS Ga

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LaborerEatonton, Georgia

    • Maintains a manufacturing area free from debris and dirt, and readies or puts away tools as assigned
    • Sand Wooden boards
    • Closely follows directions to load or unload items on machinery and assembly lines
    • Preforms any unskilled job at the plant
    • Reports any issues to team leads or higher- level employees
    • Performs other related duties as assigned

    Pay Range: 12.00 | Shifts: First Shift | Hours: 7:00am-4:00pm


    • Good verbal and written communication skills
    • Ability to listen, understant and follow directions
    • Ablility to work in a variety of roles
    • Must lift up to 50 lbs
    • Must be able to run power tools and know how to operate sand paper
    • Prolonged periods of standing or walking
    • Must be able to work in a variety of weather conditions and tolerate exposure to typical noises and smells associated with the plant

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Weekend StackerEatonton, Georgia

    • Rotates position on the production line between packing bags into boxes, and stacking filled bags onto pallets
    • Stacking bags onto pallets
    • Filling bags
    • Checking labels for date codes on each product for quality
    • Maintain cleanliness of work area
    • Sweeping dusting and wiping down equipment

    Pay Range: 10.50 | Shifts: Weekends Only | Hours: 7am-7pm


    • must be able to work 12 hours
    • must be reliable
    • must be a team player 
    • must be able to work every weekend

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Loader/UnloaderEatonton, Georgia

    • Must be able to lift furniture
    • Must be able to drive delivery truck
    • Must be able to work well with others
    • Must be able to go to customer's houses to pick up furniture and deliver furiture
      • Must be able to help out in the store when needed

    Pay Range: 9.00-10.00 | Shifts: First Shift


    • Must be able to lift 55+ pounds
    • Must have clean driving record
    • Must have some customer service skills
    • Must be able to work weekends
    • Must be able to lift, bend, stand

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StackerEatonton, Georgia

    • Pack bird feed in bags
    • Stack bird seed bags on pallets 
    • Make sure product is ready for shipment
    • Work as a team player
    • Make sure correct lables are on product
    • Stack bird seed correctly on pallets

    Pay Range: 9.50-10.00 | Shifts: Second Shift


    • Must be able to lift 55+ pounds
    • Must be a team player
    • Must be able to work in confinded spaces
    • Must be able to work every scheduled shift
    • Must be able to sweep, dust, clean
    • Must be able to work some Saturdays

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PalletizerEatonton, Georgia

    • Placing egg baskets onto correct pallet
    • Placing egg boxes onto correct pallet
    • Placing shrink wrapped eggs onto racks
    • Making sure quality product is stacked
    • Cleaning up work area
    • Cleaning the machine at the end of shift
    • Reworking egg as assignmened by supervisor
    • Cleaning walls/equipment, taking out trash, break room and or bathroom
    • Other duties as assigned including packing when needed

    Pay Range: 9.50 | Shifts: First Shift


    • Must be able to lift 55 pounds
    • CANNOT own any winged animals birds, chicken, and etc
    • Must be able to work every weekend
    • Must be able to work 6 days a week with the days off being different

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